1. Day 1 Durán – Yaguachi – Naranjito – Bucay

    We begin our trip to the Andes leaving Duran with a steam locomotive, which will take us to Yaguachi. Today we will travel through the plantations of pineapple, banana, rice and sugar cane of the fertile plains of the Ecuador coast until arriving at Naranjito. For lunch we will visit a typical hacienda of the coast, where we will taste the best cacao in the world and we will know the culture around its culture. After a show of Montubio culture we will continue our journey to Bucay where we will spend the night. If the weather allows, we can guess, in the distance, the high summits to which we will address tomorrow.

  2. Day 2 Bucay – Nariz del Diablo – Alausi – Colta – Riobamba

    Today changing and surprising landscapes will delight us. From Bucay and, along the Chancán canyon, we will see how we leave behind the climate and the landscape of the coast to enter the hightlands. From the cloud forest we will change to the moor. At Pistishi lookout we will make a stop to photograph the Nose of the Devil, an almost vertical wall where the train will climb 450 meters in about 12 kilometers. From Alausí we will cross fields of quinoa sprinkled with native vegetation until arriving at Colta. Here we will visit the indigenous community of Palacio Real and learn about their traditions and way of life. We will finish our trip today in Riobamba where we can visit the Artisans’ Square before going to the hotel for dinner and rest.

  3. Day 3 Riobamba – Urbina – Boliche – Quito

    From Riobamba we will go to Urbina, in the foothills of the Chimborazo volcano. There we will reach the highest point of our trip, we will meet the last ice merchant of this impressive mountain and visit its Artisans’ Square. We will continue north, crossing the Avenue of the Volcanoes. If the day is clear, during our tour we can spot up to 20 volcanoes. We will stop in Boliche, in the foothills of Cotopaxi volcano, to visit the Andean forest through a path. Back to the train, where we will have lunch, we will continue our journey until Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Here is where we will have dinner and spend the night.

  4. Day 4 Quito – Otavalo – Ibarra – Quito

    In our last day in this special train we will make a circular tour to know the culture and traditions of this zone. We will depart at 6:30 am from the Swissôtel Quito to go to Otavalo, where the largest native market in South America is located. With our convoy, headed by a steam engine, we will visit San Roque, where we will enjoy traditional music and watch handloom weavers at work. In Andrade Marín we will visit the Imbabura Factory and taste the traditional cuisine. In San Antonio we will admire the art of wood carving. Today we will lunch at Hacienda La Compañía with its impressive plantation of roses. At the end of the day we will transfer to a hotel in Quito to spend the last night of our trip.

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