If the user desists from hired services he has the right to the refund of the payment made, according to how early has been communicate the cancellation before the begining of the travel and must compensate the agency for the concepts listed below:

Management costs: Minimum € 100

Cancellation fees: Amounts deducted from the price of the trip to cover the expenses of different suppliers involved in the trip and are given under each travel. A variable amount of money including airline tickets, hotel expenses, local correspondents, etc, Nonrefundable amount as higher as closer to the date of travel and variables depending on the final trip organizer (agency, tour operator or wholesaler). In any case, the economic consequences of the cancellation in special conditions of contract passed to the customer.

The client that indicates his intention to cancel the reservation, he must formally notify in writing (email) with the maximum urgency and the refund will be made only by bank transfer to a bank account whose ownership corresponds to the customer who has made the reservation and subsequent annulment.

  • When part of the journey has booking transport with special conditions (flights, charter, trains, exclusive transport ...), a 100% fee on the ticket could be applied.
  • If a trip is hired a wholesaler or operator different than Luxotren, the conditions applicable are those of the operator. The customer can at any moment request the name and / or conditions of the travel organizer.
  • The general conditions of travel will be always subject to the conditions of the specific trip and the customer may request at the time of contract signment.
  • In case the seat was a shared room and the agency could not replace the occupant for that room, the client must pay the proportional amount to the room mate, added to other cancellation fees.

Any changes made by the client to change the identity of travelers who will occupy the reserved seats, dates of departure or chosen journey will require the cancellation of the booking and perform a new booking.

Each trip will have their particular conditions of cancellation within the limits determined by law, the customer may request these conditions and which may vary with each program and tour operator.

  • On travels without flights it is possible that, if the canceled space is replaced with another traveler, minimum expenses can be charged.
  • On trips with flight tickets with special conditions of contract 100% of the ticket import will be paid by the customer regardless of the cancellation date or the start of the trip, unless the airline itself determines other quantities or conditions. In such cases, the rates of cancellation will be applied on the rest of the trip and / or according to the specific conditions of each provider.

In this sense, in addition to management fees mentioned and cancellation fees indicated, the consumer must pay a penalty consisting in a 5 percent of the total amount of the trip if the cancellation occurs more than ten and less than fifteen days before the date of start of the trip; 15% between three and ten days, and 25% within forty-eight hours (48 hours) prior to departure.

It is highly recommended to all travelers purchase a cancellation insurance to cover any cancellations.

The payment of the refund will be made by bank transfer to the account provided by the CUSTOMER.

No return or reimbursement for non-use of any type of service (air, land or sea, accommodation, meals, excursions or any included in a travel package) can be made when the reason for that was decision and direct responsibility of the customer:

  • Delays or absence for the initiation and / or completion of the trip or meeting with the group.
  • Not having the necessary and required travel documents and / or destination (identity card, passport, visa, special permits, vaccination...)
  • Services not used voluntarily by the customer, whatever wolud be the cause of non-use.
  • Voluntary abandonment of all or part of the trip once started it, in terrestrial programs.
  • Uncomfortable behaviors or annoying to the rest of the group causing claims and discomfort, bringing those responsible to respond with authority over them.
  • Situations caused by the client and foreign to the agency.

In any case, the economic consequences of the cancellation on special conditions of contract (such as freight aircraft, ships or special rates, transport rates with reduced price or economic demands of certain suppliers) will be pass on to the customer under the terms that have been informed.